NASA Space Radiation Summer School, June 8–June 26, 2015, with student arrival on June 3


The NASA Space Radiation Summer School (“NSRSS”) at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory is designed to provide a “pipeline” of researchers to tackle the challenges of harmful radiation exposure to humans who will travel on space exploration missions.  Co-sponsored by NASA’s Space Radiation Research Program, Brookhaven National Laboratory,  and Universities Space Research Association, the three-week course has been offered each summer for nine years through an open and increasingly competitive application process.

Application to the program is open to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty with an interest in radiation biology.  Both foreign nationals and U.S. citizens may apply to the program.  Due to the intense nature of the course, applicants must demonstrate oral and written proficiency in the English language.  All selected students must satisfy Brookhaven National Laboratory and Department of Energy safety and security requirements in order to be admitted.

This concentrated program is taught by leading university and national laboratory biologists and physicists actively engaged in NASA space radiation research and BNL experts in heavy ion experimentation and methods. Each “professor” lectures on his/her research specialty, with topics including DNA damage and repair, genotoxicity, cell cycle checkpoints and apoptosis, mutagenesis, genomic instability, epigenetics, cell and tissue signaling, neurodegeneration, systems biology, and the relationship of these processes to carcinogenesis and late degenerative effects following exposure to space radiation, as well as the space radiation environment, physics and biochemistry of charged particle interactions, track structure, dosimetry, accelerator operations and space radiation protection.

The Scientific Director for the 2015 NASA Space Radiation Summer School is Dr. John W. Norbury. Dr. Norbury is a Research Physicist at NASA Langley Research Center.

Additional information about applying to the 2015 NASA Space Radiation Summer School is available at the link below.

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